THERE’s a pregnant pig on the loose in Snake Park, Soweto – but no one seems to know where it’s hiding!

The pig’s owner, David Seroke, is heartbroken and is desperate to get his big pig called Mannyewu back in her pen.

David told Daily Sun Mannyewu was heavily pregnant and due to deliver siblings to her two piglets.

He thinks Mannyewu must have been experiencing labour pains and slipped out of her pen to deliver her litter in a more comfortable and warm place.

David said he bought Mannyewu from a nearby farmer for R900 and had been planning to extend Mannyewu’s family and become a pig farmer.

He was hoping this would also provide jobs for locals who work with pigs in the kasi.

But now Mannyewu’s disappearance has caused a serious setback to his dream.

David said when he first learned about Mannyewu’s disappearance, he looked for her well into the night.

Mannyewu is described as a white sow of about 1m high.

She is unblemished and fat.

David told the SunTeam that he was worried about his favourite pig.

“I don’t know where she is or what she’s eating.

“My kids tell me to let her go and buy another pig, but I don’t want to.

“Her piglets are crying for her and have been starving since she disappeared.”

Councillor Mandla Zulu said he was aware of the pig’s disappearing trick.

“A resident came and told me about it. The pig is somewhere in the kasi, but we don’t know where.”