Gauteng Department and Transport Invites Unemployed South African youth graduates from Universities and Universities of Technology to apply for an internship Programme

Invitation for Participation in an Internship Programme


must be South unemployed graduates between the ages of 18 – 35 and should not have been exposed to an Internship Programme.

DURATION: Successful applicants will be expected to enter into a twelve (12) months contract.

    Office of the MECNational Diploma / Degree: Public Administration / Office Management / Political StudiesDRT / HRD / 01 GEYODINational Diploma / Degree: Public Administration, Specialisation in Gender Youth and / or Disability Studies DRT / HRD / 02
    DesignNational Diploma / Degree: Civil Engineering, Land Survey (ND), Civil Eng / Bing / ND: Surveying DRT / HRD / 03
    Traffic Engineering ServicesNational Diploma / Degree: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering DRT / HRD / 04
    Roads ConstructionNational Diploma / Degree: Civil Engineering, Civil Eng / Bing / BSc Construction DRT / HRD / 05
    Transport Policy and PlanningNational Diploma / Degree: Transportation Management, Town and Regional Planning, Public Governance Specialisation in Policy Studies DRT / HRD / 06
    Transport infrastructure PlanningNational Diploma / Degree: CM Engineering, Civil Eng / Bing Transportation Management Town and Regional Planning DRT / HRD / 07
    Public Transport ServicesNational Diploma / Degree: in Civil Engineering, Civil EngBlngBSc Construction, BCom Transport Economics DRT / HRD / 08
    Motor Vehicle, Driver, Registration and LicensingNational Diploma / Degree: Public Administration / Governance, BA, BCom (Accounting / Financial Management) DRT / HRD / 09
    Revenue Collection and EnatisBA Licensing, BCom (Accounting / Financial Management), BCompt, ND. Financial Management DRT / HRD / 10
    CommunicationNational Diploma / Degree in Media Liaison, Media Studies, Photography, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing Management, Desktop Publishing DRT / HRD / 11
    Information TechnologyNational Diploma / Degree: in IT, A+, , MSCE, DotNet, SQL Computer Systems, Public Administration DRT / HRD / 12
    Human Resource Planning and AdministrationNational Diploma / Degree in Human Resource Management, ND: HRM, BA (HRM), BCom (HRM) DRT / HRD / 13
    Human Resource DevelopmentNational Diploma / Degree in Human Resource, ND: HRD DRT / HRD / 14
    Labour RelationsNational Diploma / Degree: in Labour Relations, Law (Specialisation in Labour Law) DRT / HRD / 15
    Logistical ServicesNational Diploma / Degree in Facilities Management, ND: Logistics Management,Office Administration DRT / HRD / 16
    Strategic Planning, Monitoring and EvaluationNational Diploma / Degree in Public Governance, Administration (Specialisation in Monitoring and Evaluation) DRT / HRD / 17
    Audit and Risk ManagementNational Diploma / Degree in Auditing, Risk Management, ND. Internal Auditing, BCom Risk Management DRT / HRD / 19
    Financial ManagementNational Diploma / Degree: in Accounting, BCom Accounting and Finance, BCompt DRT / HRD / 20
    Supply Chain ManagementNational Diploma / Degree in Supply Chain Management DRT / HRD / 21
    G-Fleet ManagementNational Diploma / Degree in Fleet Management, Transportation Management , Public Administration DRT / HRD / 22

How To Apply

Note: Applications must be submitted on form Z83 Form - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM


obtainable from any public service department offices and must be accompanied by a detailed CV, together with certified copies of qualification certificates and your ID.

Please quote the reference on your application.

Correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates.

If no correspondence is received within one (1) month of this advertisement, please consider your application as unsuccessful

Closing Date: 25 March 2015

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