Job Details

Customer Channels

Job Purpose

  • To provide a consistently high quality frontline transaction service to customers encompassing the cashing of cheques, acceptance of deposits and the provision of change.
  • To understand the risks associated with the handling of cash and maintain effective controls to manage these risks.
  • To maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards.
  • Manage ATM/ANA machines (where applicable)

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Telling
    • Attends to cheque encashment, Plus Plan withdrawals etc., according to laid-down procedures as stipulated in Group Reference Guide (GRG).
    • Attends to change transactions.
    • Accepts cheque and/or cash deposits, according to laid-down procedures as stipulated in GRG.
    • Ensures that cheques included in deposits are checked in terms of Duty of Care obligations.
    • Ensures that all items cashed are within laid-down limits and refers all transactions exceeding limits to the appropriate area for authorisation.
    • Ensures that items cashed are technically correct and signed, according to laid-down instructions as per GRG.
    • Prepares contingency schedules and capture as per point of reference structure.
    • Attends to value transactions
    • Assists with cash transactions captured by employees that do not operate tills.

    Control of cash

    • Ensures that all laid-down policies and procedures regarding the handling, locking away and security of cash are adhered to.
    • Ensures that cash holdings are kept within prescribed limits at all times.
    • Balances cash daily and report any differences promptly.

    Ensures that no unauthorised items are held as cash.

    Custodianship (where applicable)

    • Acts as primary custodian of Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Auto Note Acceptor Machine (ANA) keys.
    • Acts as primary custodian for the  ANA/ATM (KABA) Automatic time delay lock pass code.
    Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/ ANA  terminals (where applicable)
    • Controls ATM keys according to laid-down instructions.
    • Adheres to laid-down instructions regarding the control, movement and take-over of cash.
    • Undertakes ATM contingency procedures.
    • Replenishes ATM cash according to laid-down instructions.
    • Ensures canisters hold sufficient cash for weekends and public holidays.
    • Monitors cash levels and clear/order cash in line with ICM forecasting to ensure holdings are sufficient to meet business needs and fall within prescribed limits at all times.
    • Sweep ANA machine daily and balance on NDS Desktop against sweep.
    • Balances the cash in all ANA’s and ATM’s on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Completes and balances ATM cash specification.
    • Releases cash paid out figures.
    • Ensure good quality notes are loaded to ATM/ANA Machines.

    ATM/ANA daily maintenance

    • Ensure ATM/ANA machine are clear of cash jams and retained cards to increase uptime, as and when required.
    • Replenishes ATM/ANA stationery.
    • Ensures maximum up-time by reporting systems or technical problems to ATM Control immediately and follow up  in need to ensure that corrective action is taken..
    • Ensures that the print on transaction records is legible for all ATM/ANA terminals.
    • Ensures that all ATM/ANA terminals are kept clean externally and internally at all times.
    ATM/ANA deposits (where applicable)
    • Clears and processes ATM/ANA deposits daily according to laid-down instructions.
    • Handles irregular cheques as unpaid items.
    • Attends to deposit corrections, where required.
    • Updates the post-dated register on a daily basis with details of post-dated cheques deposited and ensure that all charges are recovered on the same day.
    Retained ATM/ANA cards (where applicable)
    • Clears retained cards from ATM’s/ANA’s and handles according to laid-down instructions.
    • Ascertains the reasons for cards being retained and takes corrective action.
    • Destroys cards or hands to Frontline Support, according to laid-down instructions.
    • Files ATM/ANA computer reports and ANA transactional record.
    • Attends to related telephone calls and customer queries regarding ATM transactions.
    • Sorts waste into laid-down sequences and place in waste receptacles on completion of each transaction.
    • Ensures that duty of care requirements are adhered to.
    • Read circulars and fan-out’s daily.
    • Ensures that post-dated cheques register is updated on a daily basis.

    Re-cycling of good quality notes

    Ensure that  high quality  bank notes are recycled in accordance with the South African  Reserve Bank [SARB ] minimum requirement by custodians, via the note recycler, for issue to customers and self-service ATM replenishment by the Branch (where applicable).

     Reporting where applicable

    Reactive selling

    • Identifies      migration opportunities and sells products/services reactively.
    • Ensures that all leads are logged correctly in the presence of the customer and ensures cross selling opportunities are identified.
    • Identifies and actions opportunities for cross- and up-sell.
    • Ensures accurate capture, updates or amendments of customer information and history notes.
    • Ensures that      targets are met.
    • Participates in      tactical sales/marketing activities as required.

    Multi-channel utilisation and servicing to sell

    • Conducts a needs analysis to identify customer needs in line with Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service act licence categories (FAIS)
    • Manages “cost of sales” through the utilisation of multi-channel delivery strategies.
    • Ensures that all new service requests (queries and complaints) are logged correctly, as either a “first contact resolution” or “non first contact resolution” as appropriate.
    • Ensures that service requests in personal work list are actioned within agreed timelines

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Matric
  • 1 year Branch banking experience would be an advantage

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Adherence to laid-down policies and procedures for all transactions
  • Prompt turnaround times for transactions
  • Efficient and effective customer service
  • Low error rating
  • Low levels of differences in teller’s cash and operational losses.
  • Positive Internal Audit and Compliance report findings
  • Satisfied and well-informed customers as a result of efficient service
  • Number of queries and complaints logged effectively and correctly.
  • Number of leads submitted resulting in a sales conversion.
  • Number of cross selling opportunities identified resulting in sales conversion.
  • Number of leads logged in originating branch vs. sales conversion in concluding branch