Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL) has been providing transport sector based learnerships for the past eight years and has graduated more than two hundred qualified learners in this time. Most of these graduates have been employed by our company. We believe passionately in the capacity and the often underdeveloped potential of the youth in our country.

We believe that business has a role to play in securing the future of South Africa by providing development and educational opportunities to deserving and committed young people. We continue to commit ourselves to this purpose.


  • This learnership is available to young people who are just leaving school, college or other training institutions after completing at least a grade 12 certificate.
  • Criminal record clearance

Key Responsibilities

If you are accepted for a BPL learnership, you will have to sign two legal documents:

The first is a Learnership Agreement and the second is a Fixed Term Employment Contract. The Learnership Agreement is signed by yourself, BPL (who will be employing you for the duration of the learnership) and the training provider (such as a college) that will be offering the classroom-based training of the learnership. The Learnership Agreement clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of these three parties who sign the document.

The Fixed Term Employment Contract is a contract between you and BPL. This contract is only valid for the time period of the learnership.

How to apply

Click here to apply online